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Assistance for the Elderly

The "Misión Abuelos" project in Cuba has a double purpose.  First it is a nutrition and care for the elderly program, particularly for those who live alone and lack the means to support themselves.  Second, it offers the community at large an opportunity to exercise our Christian love by demonstrating our solidarity with those in need.  You can help by sponsoring an elderly person.  Your $20 monthly donation will provide one complete and balanced hot meal five times a week for one elderly person.  You can subscribe securely by clicking here.  You may unsubscribe at any time.  We thank you for your support.

Food for Orphan Children in Haiti

Missionary Youth

The Jóvenes Misioneros are young adults that dedicate part of their summer vacation to do missionary work abroad.  Activities include youth encounters, home visits, retreats, prayer, Eucharistic celebrations, etc. in an environment of friendship and solidarity.  For more information contact Andrés Trujillo at

Mission Hope

Music is a powerful evangelization tool, particularly among Cubans for whom "rhythm runs in their blood."  The main objective of the "Mission Hope" project is to produce Catholic music in Spanish for pastoral and liturgical use and with the participations of Cubans musicians from "everywhere in the world."   As far as the pastoral music is concerned, the idea is to produce a sound  with a popular appeal and a catechetical content in order to reach the masses that do not know Jesus Christ.

During the three year period leading the the celebration of the IV Centenary of the finding and presence of the statute of the Virgin of Charity in Cuba, the Missionary Society John Paul II is collaborating with the Cultural and Communications Sub-Commission (for said celebration) in the production of several CDs.  We are making the first CD with the songs that won the music contest La Caridad Nos Une (United in Charity).  For more information you may write to Adriano García at The list of the songs that won at the music contest is available at

Proyecto Una Sola Familia Cubana

Evangelizar a la familia es una prioridad pastoral para la iglesia globalmente (Aparecida 435). La Comisión para la Familia de la Conferencia de Obispos Católicos de Cuba ha creado el proyecto Una Sola Familia Cubana para unir fuerzas entre los agentes pastorales,  grupos y movimientos que trabajan en pastoral familiar dentro y fuera de Cuba.  Empezando la noche del domingo 27 de junio hasta el jueves 1 de julio tendremos el Taller Nacional de Formación para Animadores de la Pastoral Familiar en El Cobre, Santiago de Cuba.  En el taller participarán personas y matrimonios que trabajan en pastoral familiar en las diferentes diócesis cubanas y en el exterior.  Para más información puede escribir a Marzo e Iliana Artime,

New Evangelization Workshops

The New Evangelization Workshops provide an opportunity to the participants to reflect during a weekend retreat about our baptismal commitment and the Church's call to a New Evangelization.  It is a very dynamic and participatory workshop that aims to help the participants become familiar with the Church's documents about our missionary vocation.  For more informtion please contact Humberto Fleites at

Misyon Ayiti: An tout solidarite avèc frè ak sè nou ki ayisyen
(Mission Haiti: In solidarity with our Haitians Brothers and Sisters)

Haiti's earthquake on February 2010 left Port-au-Prince and the surrounding towns in ruins.  Many of the surviving families lost their dwelling places.  The earthquake also destroyed schools, churches, and medical facilities, making it much harder to help those in greatest need in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

The Missionary Society John Paul II is working with the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul in the construction of temporal facilities so that the sister may continue their missionary and educational work in Haiti.

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