Helping Orphan Children in Haiti

The orphan children wondering through the streets in Port-au-Prince and the neighboring towns are among the most heart-wrenching casualties of the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti on February of 2010. Life has suddenly turn drastically harsh, uncertain and frightening for these children.  Fending for themselves to find  food and shelter amid the reigning chaos of their destroyed hometown together with the grief and pain for the loss of their caretakers makes the situation particularly dire.

Fortunately, there are good people that are willing to help these children with love, food, shelter, and education.  But they desperately need your help to continue their work.  The Missionary Society John Paul II is working in Haiti with Father Charles Moise, OP of the Fondation Montesinos and the Little Brothers of St. Theresa of Jesus in this project.  The priority right now is to feed the children, but the long term goal is to build an orphanage for 500 children.

We are asking that you become a Parenn (Godparent) to one of these orphan children with a $10.00 a month subscription.  Your $10.00 donation will provide food for your godchild for one month.  Thank you for your generosity.

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