No tengan miedo de abrir sus corazones a Cristo



March 30, 2008


Adriano and Olga Garcia
6101 SW 20th ST
Miami, FL 33155

Dear Adriano and Olguita,

The Missionary Society John Paul II is a secular organization of the Catholic Church that is currently seeking formal approval from the Apostolic See as a new form of consecrated life following the directives of Canon 605 of the 1983 Code of Canon Law.  The main pastoral purpose of the organization is the evangelization of Cuba.

The new form of consecrated life of the missionary society will consist of Catholic families committed to living their lives according to the values, attitudes and priorities of the gospel of Jesus Christ and willing to serve the Church in its apostolic mission.  The organization is taking the evangelization of Cuba as its first pastoral priority because of the great need, challenge and urgency that the Cuban church currently faces.

The organization exists only as an idea and will require a lot of work and commitment to make it happen.  We would like to invite both of you to partake in this journey with us. 

Yours in Christ,


Marzo and Iliana Artime